Коммуникация в сфере здоровья: теория и практика (на английском языке)
Факультет государственного управления

The course suggests modern approaches to the issue of health communication. It should be mentioned that we observe the evolution of the health communication field, that includes technological advances and the challenges of the new media age. Beingthe context for all communicationsculture has a significant impact on people and institutions. Health issues demand attention irrespective of the citizenship, income, social group, thus Health Care system should cope with all these challenges. It turned out that sorting out communications issues was the key to dealing with major difficulties in Health Care context.

For the most part we communicate with people with the same background knowledge, yet the problems of communication occur quite often. Intercultural context is sure to contain even more potentials for conflict and misunderstandings. This course surveys many aspects of culture that typically course difficulties and outlines the perspective for successful intercultural communication; as well as application of the finding illustrate the opportunities, best practices and prospects in Health Care context. Understanding the cultures and interactions between them is essential for cross-cultural academic research as well as for everyday life in our diverse world. Communication theory offers various models for understanding different cultures, also they describe the peculiarities of changes that occur in social settings, and Health Care and health issues tend to be among the most important.

The course provides the overview of the modern theories in the sphere of health communication, behavior change and also the approaches to professional health communication. At the same time, we observe the modern approaches to designing and implementing a health communication campaigns including their evaluation.

Факультет государственного управления



Яковлева Ирина Викторовна (старший преподаватель)

Шуваловский корпус, ауд. Г-818

Среда 17:00–18:30

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Весенний семестр 2018/2019 учебного года

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